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Multi-Collagen Protein (All-In-One)
List Price:  $54.94
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  •  Supports healthy, vibrant skin and supports healthy aging† 
  • Supports a healthy gut and healthy brain†
  • Supports joint comfort and flexibility; supports bone health†
  •  Supports a healthy weight and keeps hunger in check†
  •   Supports restful sleep†
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Multi-Collagen Protein
List Price:  $54.94
In Stock

  •  Supports healthy, vibrant skin and supports healthy aging†
  •     Supports joint comfort and flexibility; supports bone health†
  •  Supports a healthy gut and healthy brain†
  •  Supports a healthy weight and keeps hunger in check†
  •  Supports restful sleep†
Support Healthy Tendons, Ligaments and Muscles; Healthy Digestion and Healthy Glowing Skin with Collagen Protein†
Dr. Collagen's Multi-Collagen Protein:
  • Supports a healthy gut†
  •  Supports mobility and flexibility†
  •  Supports healthy muscles†
  •  Supports healthy bones and joints†
  •  Supports healthy, vibrant skin†
  •  Supports a healthy weight while keeping hunger in check†
  •  Supports healthy, normal aging†
  •  Supports restful sleep†
  •  Supports a healthy brain†
Most people aren't getting enough collagen from diet alone, so help support the health of bodily tissues and more with Dr. Collagen Multi Collagen Protein.†
Collagen Keeps Us Well Put Together
I think we all want to be well put together, and collagen literally does that for our bodies.†

And I’m convinced that Dr. Collagen Multi Collagen Protein is the perfect choice for supporting healthy tissues, the gut, muscles, mental health and healthy, glowing skin.†

Plus, it’s super easy to use and contains good-for-you collagen. Just mix it in with your smoothies or other foods. The neutral taste makes it perfect to add to almost anything.
Why Collagen is Essential for Health
Collagen is essential for our health. Here’s why. Collagen is a protein made up from amino acids, including the amino acids proline, glycine, and arginine. In fact, collagen is so important that it makes up approximately 30 percent of all the proteins in the body, and is found all over the body—in tendons, ligaments, bones and much more. You might say that collagen is the “glue” that holds us together because it truly is.

Collagen is found only in animals, mostly in the flesh and connective tissue, and it’s the second most common substance in the body—second only to water. It’s well known for how it supports overall skin health.†

Many people try to improve their skin with lotions and potions from the outside, but my collagen protein can help support healthy skin from the inside out.† How cool is that? However, collagen’s benefits don’t stop there.

Likewise, collagen plays a big part in supporting healthy nails and hair.† It’s also involved in maintaining healthy tendons—tissues which attach muscles to bones—as well as in healthy ligaments, a type of connective tissue which attaches bones together and, thereby, also holds joints together.†

But that’s not all. Additionally, collagen is found in the bones, blood vessels, the digestive tract, the heart, the cornea, the gallbladder, the kidneys, the bladder, smooth muscle tissues and in cartilage.

You see? When we have enough collagen in our bodies, then we are well put together. When collagen supplies dip, however, it could be another story.

Aging has a way of lowering collagen levels, but you really don’t have to be that old for this to happen. The truth is that, generally speaking, collagen production in the body slows starting around age 20. In fact, between the ages of 20 to 29 , we can lose one percent of collagen per year. That shortfall can really add up over the years, too.

Generally, when the body doesn’t have enough collagen, the skin starts to thin, wrinkle and sag. Hair gets lifeless or limp, and tendons and ligaments aren’t as elastic as they use to be. Your joints can feel it, too. They can get stiff and “creaky.”

However, supplementing with collagen can help support healthy tendons, ligaments, joints, and skin.† Additionally, collagen protein supplements can support healthy metabolism, energy levels and muscles.†   
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A Potent Blend of Collagen Powder
We’ve spent years developing a specific Multi Collagen Protein formula. And—in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle—my multi-collagen protein powder can help support healthy skin, muscles, joints, gut, brain, weight and more.†

With a potent, high-quality blend of bovine, chicken, fish, and egg collagens, providing collagen Types I, II, III, V and X, you can power a healthy you.†
Dr. Collagen Multi Collagen Protein Contains:
Bovine Collagen
Bovine collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in the skin, bones and muscles of cows. This type of collagen is similar to what we have in our bodies and provides a healthy dose of Types I and III collagen.

Types I and III are the major components of skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, gums, teeth, eyes and blood vessels.

Together, Types I and III collagen make up more than 90 percent of the collagen in our bodies.

Because it delivers a dense collagen punch, this is one beneficial and effective way to consume collagen.

Bovine collagen is also rich in the amino acid glycine, which is necessary for cellular health.† Glycine is also one of the three amino acids forming creatine, which supports healthy muscles and energy levels post-workout.†

Last, but not least, bovine collagen also provides the amino acid proline, which plays a critical role in the body’s collagen-production ability.†  

In addition to bovine collagen, Dr. Collagen Multi Collagen Protein also contains chicken collagen.
Chicken Collagen
Chicken collagen is known as type II collagen, which supports gut health, joint health and healthy immune system function.† It’s a protein found in the cartilage, bones and other tissues of chickens.

It’s the most popular collagen product used for overall health, and is a major component of joint cartilage.†

Chicken collagen is loaded with joint-healthy chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate—both of which are great for supporting healthy joints and a healthy pH.†

Dr. Collagen Multi Collagen Protein powder also contains fish collagen.
Fish Collagen
Fish collagen contains Type I collagen. Due to their smaller size, the peptides from fish collagen are absorbed easily in the body.†

As a result, it can support healthy collagen synthesis in the joints, bones and skin.†

Fish collagen is also rich in the amino acids glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. Hydroxyproline is a rare non-essential amino acid that naturally supports collagen production in the body.†
Egg Collagen
Egg collagen is abundant in egg whites and the eggshell membranes of hens. In fact, eggshell membrane is rich in nutrients similar to Types I and V collagen, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and amino acids—all of which are beneficial for healthy joints and connective tissue.†
Try collagen to help support healthy digestion, joints and glowing skin.†
Collagen does so much for the body and in the body to keep it healthy. It’s literally the “glue” that holds us together, so make sure you get enough of it. There’s no need for you or your health to fall apart.

Try Dr. Collagen Multi Collagen Protein to rejuvenate your body.You’re going to love how you feel when taking collagen! So, try it today.

Product Size: 1 Pound

Servings: 58
How to Use Collagen
Want to start enjoying the benefits of collagen protein?
Here are a few ways to use Dr. Collagen Multi Collagen Protein:
  • Include 2 Tablespoons in your morning smoothie.
  • Add to baking dishes, muffins, bars or pancakes to increase protein intake.
  • Replace unhealthy protein powder with this.
  •  Create a chia coconut collagen pudding.
  •  Take several Tablespoons of collagen pre- and post-workout.
For best results, use 1 (or, up to 3) servings daily.

This collagen protein supplement can be taken in addition to a grass-fed protein powder or by itself.  
†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

3387 Reviews
Reviews (3387)
Does everything it says it will do . Won't be without it .
I just ordered my third container of Collagen Protein. I put a heaping scoopful in my coffee with creamer every morning. You can't even tell that it is in there. 
I actually noticed the difference: 
1. I was more hungry between meals; snacking and craving. 
2. My skin looks amazing... cellulite is going away slowly over 2 months. My face is tighter, brighter and more healthy looking.
3. My joints; hands, hips and ankles feel drastically different. The pain is very minimal. 
4. My gut functions are more regular and less flatulence. 

Due to poor planning, I was out of the protein for 5 days before receiving new order. Unfortunately, the uncomfortable joint pain began to return and gut issues began to change. 

I have subscribed to the reoccurring order and will NEVER be without again.
My knee was so sore could barely limp along. I no longer take Ibuprofen! I put this on auto order because results were within two weeks. Love this!
The collagen powder is easy to take and has helped with pain in my joints!
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An Unbeatable Guarantee
Try any Dr. Axe product for a full 60 days, 100% risk free
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